7000 Brancroft Ave
Oakland, CA 94605
Phone (510) 569-8159
Fax  (510) 569-8162

Mon - Sat 7am - 8pm
Sun 7am - 6pm

Open 7 Days A Week


Our Team

Mike Algazzali

General Manager
Born in Yemen migrated to the US in 1990, been in the great state of California ever since. Opened Gazzali's in 2004. Loves to spend time with family and enjoy traveling. My main objective at Gazzali's is to ensure a Happy and Fair work environment for our staff and a Joyful, Clean, Well Stocked and Organized store with Quality for our great Community.

Hamzzah Saleh

Front End Manager
Born in San Leandro raised in Oakland started with Gazzali's in 2008. Father of two, loves serving his community and spending time with family and friends.

Faye Algazzali

Bakery Manager
Born in a small village in Yemen, moved to the Bay Area with her parents and siblings at the age of 5. Faye has been with Gazzali's since day one. What was her fathers dream is now a 13 year strong business. Faye enjoys traveling and spending time her friends and family during her free time.

Wallace Miles

 Grocery Buyer & Manager
Born in Los Angeles, CA. The second youngest out 15 brothers and sisters. Been with Gazzali's since 2009. 38 years supermarket industry.  A Deacon at my church,Glad Tiding C.O.G.I.C Bishop J.W Macklin is my pastor.

Moe Salem

Meat Manager
Born and raised in Oakland CA. Been with Gazzali's since 2004. Loves spending time with family and friends, enjoys watching all Bay Area sporting events.

Borhan Homran

KKC Manager
Born and raised in the East Bay. I've been with Gazzali's since 2009. In my free time I love to read poems and play video games. Love to go to pray on Fridays and be close to God. I try my best to help those in need, to never look at anyone better then me and to treat everyone with respect.

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